Who can't feel compassion for the lil' black mage Vivi, apart from those who haven't played Final Fantasy IX yet? Not only, he's one of the charas I like the most in all the Final Fantasy series, but he plays a very important role throughout FF9's story. This is your shrine, lil' Vivi...

- an analysis of Vivi's personality, brought by yours truly, Digintegrated Hunter Bill... and seen by my own eyes!
- Vivi's abilities and actions during the game... You'll understand quickly why it's extremely useful to have him in your team!
- a gallery composed of several Vivi snapshots taken from Final Fantasy IX FMVs.
- and of course, spoilers if you haven't played or finished the game. Come back when you complete it, okay?

Notice: I have my own copy of Final Fantasy IX (along with all other FFs from 4 to 10), and even if I have it in French, I've been writing these pages according to the game's US release's vocabulary and terminology. I hope I won't make many mistakes...
Oh, and by the way, I don't own Vivi of course, Square-Enix does. Especially the chara designers of Final Fantasy IX who made him so cute!

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